August 2017 Beauty Favourites

A week ago I didn't think I was quite ready for summer to be over, but the colder temperatures these past few days have encouraged a change of heart. Bring on the PSLs, yellow leaves, apple picking and cozy sweaters! 

However, I still can't believe August is over. Which means there are only four months left of the year! How crazy is that?!

If you're curious to know which beauty products I've been loving the past month, keep reading. 

With SPF 20 protection and a nice amount of coverage, I have frequently reached for this Revlon ColorStay foundation towards the end of summer. It's lightweight, blends into my skin nicely and creates a near flawless canvas. Since it's formulated for normal or dry skin, it doesn't look cake-y and while I haven't worn it for 24 hours (why someone needs makeup to last this long is beyond me) it is practically budge proof. It has even survived a long work day that began at 6:30AM, followed by a late night sweaty hour of beach volleyball. 

I've especially enjoyed applying the foundation with this blending brush. The dual fibre bristles do shed like crazy, which can be a little annoying, but I really like the way it buffs and melts makeup into my skin. I've been constantly using it for powders like bronzer and blush too because it picks up lots of pigment but evenly blends them out. I also think it looks pretty badass with the Diamond Grip handle and pops of red. 

Is it just me or do the names of beauty products seem to get longer and longer? 

The shade range of this concealer is pretty impressive! I purchased 04 Butter Cream which is a tad too light for me right now (although I can make it work) but should be perfect for fall and winter. It's definitely very brightening and makes me look more awake on days when all I really want to do is crawl back into bed. I also like that it is thin but still has decent coverage and the unique, angled applicator is both soft and easy to use. 

I've talked about this liquid lipstick quite a bit on Beauty by Birdy, and as you can tell from the scratched up packaging, it's well-loved! As the seasons seem to be changing, I've been gravitating to this warm rose shade a ton. It's really the perfect transitional colour, as it's dark but not too dark. The formula is also great and long-lasting! It can feel a bit drying at times but it never settles into lip lines, or cracks or flakes. I rarely have to touch it up and have managed to get through an entire day with this lip colour (even after eating or drinking...depending on the food or beverage). 

I'm so impressed with the wear-time of this blush - it seriously lasts all day! I also like that it doesn't have any thick chunks of glitter and never looks powdery. The colour is also going to be perfect for fall because it is deeper, yet still neutral. 

Well there you have it...all of the beauty items I loved during the month of August. I can't wait to see what products I fall in love with during the month of September. 

Ps. Are you excited for fall?


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