Three Year Blog Anniversary + Reflection

September 22, 2017

It’s Beauty by Birdy’s birthday!!! Today marks three years since I launched this blog and I don’t quite understand how time has flown by so quickly!

I promise this post will be a positive one, but first I want to share some real, personal thoughts and reflection…

I often feel down about the fact that I’ve been blogging for three years and still have such a small following (only 350 on Instagram and 300 on Twitter). And it’s so easy to compare myself to the many other beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Especially those that are provided such fun opportunities – like attending music festivals or travelling the world for product launches – because of their large audience.

What should I be doing differently? Should I be posting five times a week? Maybe I should be writing about different topics? Or writing in a different tone? Am I not posting or engaging on social media enough? Should I have an Instagram theme?

The answer is sometimes yes, but also…NO!

Everyone moves at their own pace and we all do things a little differently. It’s important that I remain my own person and stop comparing myself to others. Trying to force myself to write a post simply because it could attract the readership numbers will never be genuine. I want to be original, honest and me. Truth be told, I never seem to have any shortage of blog post ideas (which is why I think I’ve kept at it for so long). And they’ve always been topics I’ve wanted to write and get excited to share. Which is exactly why I started this blog…I wanted to create a platform where I could be creative and write about the things I wanted to write about, in my own way.

I understand that some influencers rely solely on blogging for income, and therefore have the time, energy and resources necessary to produce the content I admire. But I imagine they have felt the same feelings I am expressing in this post and they have worked their butts off (at their own pace and in their own way) to get to this point in their career.

I personally only post twice a week. And sometimes – when life gets busy – just once. As of right now, however, blogging is simply my part-time hobby, not a job. Of course I would love to one day make money from my posts (who wouldn’t?). But for now that is not my focus.

I blog because I enjoy it. Writing is my therapy and a chance to escape whatever else may be going on in my life. I love taking photos and experimenting with different backgrounds or props. I love testing new beauty items or #HealthyBirdy recipes before sharing them with you. Sure, it takes up a lot of my time and I go through phases of feeling uninspired, which can be slightly stressful. But there’s a reason I’ve kept at it for three years. If I didn’t feel the value behind blogging, I imagine I would have lost the motivation to continue just months after launching Beauty by Birdy.

Blogging has enhanced my love of makeup and all things beauty related. I once joked with my Dad (a dedicated techie) that I could survive without TV because I would just play with makeup to entertain myself. It’s the truth!! I have so much fun experimenting with colours, techniques and products!!

But Beauty by Birdy has taught me a number of other skills as well. I have learned about composition, lighting and the importance of using a tripod to make sure photos are in focus. I have developed new editing skills, and I have learned how significant social media can be. Although I definitely wouldn’t call myself a professional in any area…

But ultimately, blogging has brought me immense joy!

I may not be invited to three, five or 10 events in a week, but I am so grateful for the handful I have attended in the past year. I do not take for granted the small number of free products I have received from PR companies or brands. And I appreciate every single person who takes the time to click on my links and read my posts. It means the absolute world to me and thank you for your continued support. Knowing that even just one person is interested in the content I put out is 100% worth it!


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