Bewitched By A Bubble Bar

September 29, 2017

The other day when I popped into LUSH to exchange my empty pots for a Fresh Face Mask, I spotted something staring at me from the corner of my eye. Suddenly all I could hear in my mind was “who’s that puppy in the window”. Only it was a cat!! A black, Bubble Bar cat that smells just like blueberry bubble gum!! How could I resist?!

I couldn’t! As if I were under a spell, I picked up one of the adorable kittens and popped it into a bag. I wasn’t planning on buying anything else that day but those big, bright, yellow eyes literally bewitched me.

LUSH recently launched its 2017 Halloween Collection and this sweet feline was the first product to land in store near me. It’s actually been given the name Bewitched, which I suppose is much more spooky than ‘Cute Little Black Cat’ and fitting considering the effect it had on me. I’ve never seen a black Bubble Bar before, and for some reason the dark addition made me really excited! It turns bath water an eerie grey colour and (as all LUSH Bubble Bars do) it creates mounds of thick and luxurious bubbles that last for hours.

The scrumptious notes consist of blackberry, bergamot and frankincense oils (sounds like something Frankenstein would have created, no?). The sweet scent makes me so freaking happy!!

Although it wasn’t planned, I am so happy this little guy caught my eye!


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