What Tweezers Do I Use?

I posted a little while ago seeking blog post ideas from followers on my Facebook page. One in particular came up that I thought was quite interesting, and frankly, something I never would have thought to write myself...

Tweezers! Specifically, which brands are best.

Now, I personally get waxed and avoid plucking due to an immense fear of pulling the wrong hair and creating a bald spot. But I do like to use a pair of sharp tweezers in between waxes to nab obvious hairs that grow in - especially between my eyes!

I'm definitely no tweezer expert, but the pair I like to use and have used for years is by Revlon when they came out with the Revlon by Marchesa collection. They have a pretty black and gold pattern, but in reality they're just the brand's Slant Tip TweezersIn my opinion, they're pretty sharp and have a precise tip which can reach even the tiniest of hairs. The length of the handles are perfect and easy to squeeze.

I think I paid around $15 a few years ago, although they were priced a little higher because of the designer series, and therefore can probably be found for less than $10 at any drugstore.

What tweezers are you ride of die for? Leave your suggestions below!


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