70s Inspired Striped Nails

I posted a photo of Dev and I a few weeks ago and the number of 70s related comments we received was pretty funny. Although I wouldn't disagree...it totally looks like a polaroid stolen from my parent's old photo album. There was a vintage filter added to make it feel a little more retro, but our outfits definitely screamed Brady Bunch. I guess it just goes to show how fashion trends repeat themselves...

I absolutely love these striped, wide leg pants I grabbed from Forever 21 a little while ago (even if they give me mom bum...)!! I think it's ironic that they were labelled 'Contemporary Palazzo Pants' despite having super retro vibes. Regardless, they're incredibly comfortable and the burgundy, orange and yellow colours are quite fall-appropriate. I felt inspired and decided to create nails that matched! 

I used a thin brush to paint stripes using off-white, burgundy, orange and yellow nail polish. They're not the straightest lines, but I think it mimics how the lightweight material of my pants flow and I actually don't mind a little imperfection. I also used a matte top coat to resemble the textured fabric. 

Nail Polishes Used:

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