The Body Shop Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel

November 3, 2017

October may be over but that doesn’t mean we can’t continue to enjoy pumpkin scented everything. Luckily, The Body Shop’s latest holiday addition satisfies all our pumpkin spice desires. The Vanilla Pumpkin Shower Gel combines Madagascar vanilla, tonka bean, hazelnut and maple syrup with… pumpkin, of course!! Although it’s not the warm, all-spice fragrance we often associate with pumpkin desserts. Call me crazy, but it truly smells like squash. Subtly. The vanilla and hazlenut notes are much more prevalent (almost marshmallow-like), but there’s definitely a scent lingering in the background that brings me back to my childhood – digging guts out of a pumpkin as I prepared to carve it.

The Scent

I really like the twist The Body Shop has put on a fall favourite. It’s different, and I can appreciate different (especially when pumpkin spice has been done a hundred times over). We’ve seen flavoured drinks and food, scented candles, lotions, makeup and nail polish. If you ask me…they all smell or taste pretty much the same. This shower gel is unique amongst the flood of pumpkin based products.

It’s also a scent that can be enjoyed during fall AND winter! It’s so sweet, cozy and delicious. I imagine lathering up with this warm-smelling shower gel on a bitter, snowy day and it makes me dread the cold months a little less.

It’s Limited Edition

The line includes a Hand Cream, a Shimmer Mist and a Body Butter. But if this is a scent you think you may like, you’ll have to act fast! Typical of The Body Shop’s seasonal releases, it’s limited-edition. So if you’re pumpkin obsessed, be sure to snatch up some Vanilla Pumpkin goodies before they’re gone.

The Shower Gel retails for $10 and is available in stores at The Body Shop or online at


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