Playing With KISS Press On Nails

November 7, 2017

My nails generated a lot of comments when I posted this photo to my Instagram. But I have a confession to make…

They were not my real nails.

The truth is…I’m a nail picker. Not a biter…a picker. My nails may look long and strong when I post nail art to the blog, but the reality is they only look this way 50% of the time. If I’m bored or stressed, I can often be caught picking at my nails and making them much shorter. It’s a terrible habit that I just haven’t been able to kick.

I’ve been wanting to try KISS press on nails for the longest time now, and I thought it only made sense to do so when my nails are short. There are some really great colour options, including some that are patterned and some that are available as matte or glitter finishes. In addition, they come in a variety of different shapes – oval, almond, square and stilleto.

I personally couldn’t help reaching for the chrome ones. The gel FANTASY Ready-to-Wear Gel Manicure set reflects blue, green and purple. They’re stunning and makes me feel like a mermaid! I believe these are limited edition, but this review is really to focus on the application process and quality of the press on nails themselves. I wanted to test how easy they are to apply and how long they last.

Overall, they were really easy to put on. There are two options to adhere them in place: super sticky tabs or glue (both are included in the kit). I decided to use the adhesive tabs on one hand and glue on the other to see which wore the longest. The adhesive tabs were incredibly quick and foolproof to use. They were my preferred method, as I found the glue quite hard to squeeze and messy. But to guarantee a longer wear-time, glue was definitely the way to go!

Unfortunately, the nails on my left hand (the one using the adhesive tabs) began falling off after just one day. Actually, three of them didn’t even survive a day. I applied them in the morning and by the evening they had peeled right off. The ones on my right hand (glue side) lasted six days, which I thought was quite impressive!

Luckily, this kit contains duplicates and a variety of different sizes. Technically there are enough fake nails for two complete manicures, but if one happens to fall off, it can be easily replaced with a new one. Or better…if you manage to catch one before it falls off and is lost forever, it can be re-applied. Reduce, re-use and recycle!!!

I have never received so many compliments on a manicure before! The best part is that the KISS press on nails mimic the look of a shiny, smooth, gel manicure without costing a pretty penny or damaging nails. I found these at Walmart for roughly $9 and I’ll definitely be buying more. They’re also a great option for anyone who may live with someone sensitive to the scent of nail varnish. These are fragrance-free!


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