November 26, 2017

The third time’s a charm…WE BOUGHT A HOUSE!!!

If you missed my last little life update post then you may not have known that Dev and I began our hunt for a house a few months ago. It was a very stressful time and after two failed attempts at prospective properties, we finally found one that we can soon call our own. Our closing date is December 29, which means the holidays are going to be extra chaotic, but super exciting!

A little fact about me…

I’m 27 years old and I have never lived away from home. I went to college nearby and I’ve been saving to buy since my early twenties. As they say…I’ve been “milking it” while living with my parents. So while I’m extremely excited…I’m also incredibly nervous!! But luckily I am not going at it alone and I am super thankful to share this milestone with my love!

Our new home will be itty bitty, but it’s a great starter and has been renovated beautifully. I can already imagine beauty related posts set in front of the exposed brick wall and #HealthyBirdy photos taken in the all-white kitchen. I also can’t wait to get in there and decorate! Come follow me on Pinterest for some fun ideas I’ve spotted!

Let the purging and packing begin!!


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