What The Heck Is A Holographic Eyeliner??

December 15, 2017
The definition of holographic according to the Urban Dictionary is “a material or trait in something that has SHIFTING FREAKING RAINBOWS”

So when I spotted the e.l.f. Cosmetics Prismatic Eyeliner Pencil online and read that it was holographic, you can probably guess my reaction…”It’s going to give me FREAKING RAINBOW eyes!”

Well, prepare to join me in disappointment…

It is NOT holographic. The packaging isn’t even holographic, it has more of a pearlescent white finish. There are no rainbows to be found…

Holo is commonly confused with iridescent colours, which shift from one colour to another. The e.l.f. Cosmetics Prismatic Eyeliner Pencil is an iridescent white that shifts to a lilac colour. It’s quite a soft pencil and when swatched on the skin looks almost fluorescent. I’m not mad at it, but I have to admit that it is barely noticeable when applied along the waterline. It stands out and appears a lot more vibrant when applied directly to dryer areas like the upper or lower lash line, although beware of clumpy white bits that may cling to lashes.

One element I do like, however, is that it comes with a sharpener!! Also, the $1 price tag…I like that too! Despite being disappointed and feeling like a fool for buying into the holographic claim, I do think this is a good pencil for the price. I just wish it showed up on the waterline a little better…


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