LUSH Golden Pear – The Prettiest Soap I’ve Ever Seen

December 19, 2017

LUSH Limited Edition Golden Pear Soap

Isn’t this soap just so beautiful? I spotted a basket of them sitting at the cash register while purchasing the Tree-D Luxury Bath Melt I reviewed earlier this month, and I picked one up probably five times to give it a whiff. I actually walked out of the store without one, but quickly did a spin (nearly plowing over a shopper walking by) and re-entered the store to buy one. It was just too pretty and smelt too great to not take home!

I’m definitely more of a shower gel gal, but I couldn’t say no to the cutest little Golden Pear Soap! Not only does it look like a decoration, it smells incredible too! It contains fresh pear puree, spicy cardamom oil, bright Brazilian orange oil, organic cocoa butter and a sprig of clove (as the stem). It’s pretty strongly scented but the mixture of fruit and spice is sweet, slightly sour, warm and truly irresistible.

I’m thinking it will be better used as a hand soap in a bathroom (at our new house!). How pretty would it look sitting in a little dish at the sink? It’s definitely a decorative piece that I want to display, even if guests may not realize that it’s actually soap.

LUSH Cosmetics Golden Pear Soap

The creamy centre is a combination of murumuru butter and almond oil, which help create a rich, moisturizing lather. It’s this element that makes the soap feel more luxurious and special. The combination of cold weather and central heating can make our skin feel dry and itchy. Therefore, it’s important to use hydrating products during this time of year.

I’m not fond of the golden glitter coating (it looks nice but sticks to absolutely everything) but after a few uses it should all disappear. And then I’ll probably feel sad that it won’t look as beautiful…

Golden Pear Soap is a Christmas exclusive and can be found in LUSH stores or online for $8.95.


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