LUSH Valentine’s Day Cherryish Body Scrub Review

January 26, 2018

Being a new homeowner, I’m trying to watch how I spend my money and what I spend it on. So while I flipped through the latest LUSH catalog and marvelled at the new Valentine’s Day collection, I initially thought: “be strong, you don’t need any of it”, which quickly turned to “life is short, treat yo’self”. And while I would love to try everything in the range, I decided to be good and restrict myself to one, and only one product.

LUSH Cherryish Body Scrub

I waltzed into the store and gave each Valentine’s Day themed item a whiff, reading carefully about the ingredients and each item’s purpose, before deciding that the Cherryish Body Scrub had the best scent and would be put to good use.

It smells like Black Forest cake (which I truly can’t stand to eat, but for some reason feel the need to rub all over my body)! A blend of vegan white chocolate, cocoa absolute and dried cherries create an irresistibly sweet and sexy fragrance. The scent is perfectly representative of the love-inspired holiday.

LUSH Valentine's Day Limited Edition Body Scrub

Although it may feel like a lotion bar, it’s unique in that it should be used in the shower on wet skin. The water will help melt the fair trade organic cocoa and murumuru butters, exposing gritty bits of ground cherry stone and sea salt that exfoliate dry skin. It can be a little abrasive, so be gentle and don’t press too hard. The butters leave behind a layer of moisture so skin feels soft, smooth, hydrated and ready to be loved on.

I also couldn’t resist how simply cute and visually appealing it looks. I love that it’s in the shape of a heart with cherries on top! However, those cherries look a little naughty…don’t you agree? Maybe that was planned…

Cherryish Body Scrub is new for Valentine’s Day and limited edition. Find it at LUSH in stores or online for $12.95 CAD, while supplies last.  


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