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Achieving Stronger And Softer Locks With Garnier’s New Hair Treats

February 13, 2018

I was shopping in the states a few weeks ago and spotted these cute little Garnier Fructis Hair Treats on an end-cap. I had never seen them before, and for this very reason, I picked one up. The tiny jar and beautiful packaging may have persuaded me as well…

It wasn’t long after, however, that I saw Canadian beauty influencers posting Instagram photos of the exact same product. Which makes me believe they’re coming to Canada soon (if they haven’t already).

There are five Hair Treats in total, including:


I opted for the Strengthening Treat with Banana Extract because a) I need stronger and softer hair, and b) I wanted my hair to smell like bananas.

They are each made of 98% naturally derived ingredients. So basically they’re the equivalent of an at-home hair mask made with products from your kitchen, minus the mess or elbow grease involved to create it.

The smell is absolutely incredible! Think banana Runtz candy, rather than banana medicine. Although it’s very natural and not so artificial smelling. It definitely adds to the overall experience, even if it doesn’t linger like I had hoped.

It can be used as a 1 minute hair mask. Which may not sound like a long time, but is definitely 30-45 seconds longer than conditioner typically sits in hair. And 60 seconds is really all that’s needed for the rich ingredients to do their job. I choose to swap out my conditioner for this moisturizing treatment instead and use it 1-2 times a week. I like to scoop out a large glob and massage it into all sections of my hair – especially the ends. It takes a little extra effort to rinse because it’s so rich, but the work is definitely worth it! My hair feels so soft and looks less frizzy after each use. And it may be a placebo affect (although I’m sure it’s not) but my hair truly does feel stronger and falls out less.

It can also be used as a leave-in-treatment. For me personally, it makes my hair a little greasy. But I’m sure it’d be great for anyone with super dry or damaged hair. Just use it sparingly.

I paid less than $3 USD for mine, so they’re definitely affordable, even with the Canadian conversion. The only downside is that the container is pretty small at just 100ml. When I use it as a mask I like to give my hair a good, thick coating. Which means I’ve used roughly half of the jar already. But I suppose at such a reasonable price, it’s nothing to complain about. I’ll just have to buy two next time.


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