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Testing Chickpea Blondies

March 16, 2018

I’ve seen this recipe circulating Pinterest for a while now and at first I thought Chickpea Blondies sounded disgusting. How could something that is often incorporated into savoury dishes – like a legume – taste good in something sweet? After curiosity got the best of me, I decided to test the recipe for myself and answered my very own question.

The answer is…chickpeas taste surprisingly great in baked goods! At least they do in this particular recipe…

One can of chickpeas replaces flour, making these blondies gluten free! They’re also rich in protein and fibre too, making them a smart choice for snack time or dessert. And oddly, the chickpeas are not noticeable. These sweet treats are simply delicious and HEALTHY!

The recipe is also really easy to follow. Each ingredient gets blended together in a Vitamix. However, I don’t have one of those…nor a food processor…so I used my magic bullet instead. I had to divide the ingredients into two batches, or else my my plastic cup would have exploded. Even in two batches it got pretty messy! If anything, this would be my one complaint. Not everyone has a fancy blender…

In the end, mine didn’t turn out as fudge-y and gooey in the middle like the post I took the recipe from. But I’m notorious for neglecting to measure ingredients, so there’s a chance I just didn’t add enough chocolate chips. Sounds crazy, right? Who opts to add less chocolate chips than more?? Regardless, they still tasted nice!

Overall, I would definitely make a batch of these protein-packed bars again. With an extra handful of chocolate, of course…

Have you tried adding chickpeas to your baked goods before? If not, would you be willing?


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