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May Bullet Journal Setup

April 24, 2018

I’m still really into my bullet journal!! Which is saying a lot, because I am NOT an organized person and any attempt at trying to be organized usually fails. But this little Leuchtturm1917 book has definitely helped. I decided to setup the month of May a little early to show you how I lay out my pages and (attempt) to organize my life.

Cover Page

I always create a cover page to separate each month. Personally, I enjoy the creative process that goes into each one and find it quite therapeutic to doodle. This month I used a space theme, decorating the page with stars, planets and the sun. I used a blue Zebra NC5 Mildliner as an accent colour. I’m not really into astromony, but I do really love how this page turned out.

Calendar Spread

The first two pages after my cover page show the entire month. Here I’ll write down any upcoming events and important dates To the right of my calendar, I placed a stats tracker, so I can analyze my little blog’s growth as time goes on.

Blog Schedule + Brain Dump Pages

The next page features a vertical calendar so I can plan blog posts ahead of time. I’ll be honest, this page will get quite messy. I always go into a month with a schedule of ideas in mind. But as time goes on, and my weeks fill up with other priorities, I tend to move posts around.

The page next to this is a dedicated spot to write down any blog post or Instagram ideas that may come to mind. I’m a forgetful person. So if it’s not written down, I probably won’t remember.

At the bottom is a little section to record the products I’m loving during the month. When it comes time to writing my monthly favourites blog post, I refer to this page instead of having to rack my brain to remember all of the items I loved and used during the month.

Weekly Spread

The two pages following my blog schedule and brain dump page features a weekly spread. Here I have more room to write tasks, to-do lists, etc. for each day. Now sometimes I make use of this spread and sometimes I don’t. Sometimes I forget. Other times I feel as though I’m too busy to take the time to sit down and write everything down. But for the most part, this keeps me pretty organized and accountable.

I get a lot of my inspiration for bullet journal spreads from AmandaRachLee on YouTube. Her PLAN WITH ME videos are great!! And many of the layouts I use are copied from her. Definitely check her out if you’re into bullet journaling!!


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