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April 2018 Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites

April 27, 2018

April isn’t over yet, but I’m already thinking about May. Anyone else? Nice weather has arrived (THANK GOODNESS) and there are a few festivities next month that I’m super excited for. But before I can truly dive in – you guys know the drill – I must share all of the beauty and lifestyle things I’ve loved this month.


Lush Rose Jam Bubbleroon

I’ve only used this product once – mostly because I wanted to save some of it to photograph for the purpose of this post. Now, I know one use doesn’t exactly justify being ‘obsessed’ with it or calling it a favourite. But I knew after just one use that it’s an item I will repurchase over, and over again. It has the same rose scent as some of my favourite LUSH products, like the Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner. I immediately felt relaxed when I walked into my bathroom after filling the tub. Plus it created amazing bubbles (as is expected) and made my skin feel soft and moisturized. Not to mention, it’s incredibly cute. It’s pink, has a shea butter ‘icing’ in the centre and is covered in glitter!

NYC Smooth Skin Bronzing Powder in Sunny

This is not a new product to me, or to this blog. But it’s the ONLY bronzer I’ve been using for the past few months. It creates such a nice, warm, sun-kissed glow! I often receive comments from people saying I look tan when I wear it. It’s such a perfect terracotta colour for my skin tone and I like that it’s matte, therefore it looks pretty natural.

ColourPop Super Shock Shadow in Fluffy

Again, this is not a new product to me, or the blog. But it’s the only eyeshadow I’ve been wearing all month. I use my finger to swipe it all over my lids and call it a day. I’ve talked about this particular colour many times before, so I won’t go on forever. I just love how brightening and easy it is to wear.

Another product I want to mention, but unfortunately I can’t share a photo of is the Fresh Sugar Advance Therapy Lip Treatment. I cracked open a tiny sample I received from Sephora, and fell in love. I’m so impressed with how well it made my lips feel and look. I took it to a recent work convention, which took place in a hotel. For some reason, hotels are always so dry!!! Am I right? Anyways, this lip balm provided instant hydration and helped smooth them out so they looked healthy and plump. It also left a nice shine with a subtle tint of pink. Plus the lemon fragrance is amazing!!!

I guess this month was a month of samples, as my next favourite is a little tiny bottle of the Chloé perfume. I was never much of a floral fragrance person, but I suppose featuring two rose scented products in this post is a pretty good indication that my likes have changed. I’ve fallen in love with this feminine fragrance, which has notes of peony, rose, honey and cedarwood. I also find it lasts a really long time, unlike many other fragrances that seem to fade throughout the day.


Two Ingredient Bagels

I owe it all to two Canadian Beauty Bloggers, Samantha Jane and Chelle from Makeup Your Mind for raving about these ‘weight water bagels’. They’re so incredibly easy to make (1 cup self-rising flour and 1 cup of greek yogurt) and I now purchase greek yogurt in bulk from Costco because I make them so much. They taste great and I love that they’re full of protein!! I made this batch using chocolate chips!

Bates Motel on Netflix

There was a time when I was asking everyone for TV show recommendations on Netflix (we don’t have cable since moving into our own house). Bates Motel was a title I heard quite often. Earlier this month I decided to put on the first episode to see why everyone loves it so much. I’m now finishing season 2 and have to admit that I love it as well. It’s super creepy, twisted and strange things seem to happen far too often. I can’t help but wonder what will happen next, and therefore I’m constantly excited to watch another episode. I had a hard time seeing Freddie Highmore as a character other than the boy from Finding Neverland and Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. However, he’s fantastic as Norman Bates!!

So now it’s your turn! What’s your go-to show on Netflix at the moment. Maybe it will be featured in my next favourites post.

Have a great weekend!



  • Janine

    May 4, 2018 at 1:43 PM

    I’ve been living simple gold eyeshadows this month too! The formula of the Color Pop shadows are fantastic – I’ll definitely consider ordering this shade in the future.

    1. Beauty by Birdy

      May 7, 2018 at 10:19 PM

      They are some of my favourite! And you can never go wrong with a golden shadow. Especially for spring/summer!

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