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The Monthly Bucket – 10 Things To Do In MAY

May 4, 2018

I had so much fun writing my October and December bucket lists last year! When I told Dev I wanted to turn it into a series, he suggested the title “The Monthly Bucket”. What do you think?

Unfortunately, these posts won’t feature photos of my dog anymore. Unless I can convince my parent’s to agree to joint-custody. But despite lacking cute pictures of my beloved fur ball, I promise they will not lack in fun activities.

If you’re curious to know what I hope to get up to this May, continue reading!

1. Attend Sew Hungry and eat everything!

Sew Hungry is a food truck rally along Ottawa Street in Hamilton taking place tomorrow on May 5. It features over 28 diverse trucks and restaurants, a beer garden and live music. My fingers are crossed the weather will cooperate, and my goal is to try something from at least 5 different trucks. I know this may not seem like a lot, but from what I have heard, the line ups can be quite large. Plus, Saturday is also Cinco de Mayo and I don’t want to be waiting in lines forever!!

Which brings me to my next bucket list item…

2. Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Friends of ours are having a Cinco de Mayo themed housewarming party on Saturday, so this activity will definitely be checked off my list. I can’t wait to celebrate with good people and eat a sh*t ton of guac!

3. Learn how to make a margarita

I suppose this one is inspired by Cinco de Mayo…

I’ve only had a handful of margarita’s in my life, and all have been delicious!! I love the mixture of a salty or spicy rim with a sweet and sour beverage. But I’ve never actually made one myself. And now that we’ve reached temperatures over 20 degrees, I’m in a summertime mood and craving slushy drinks.

4. Celebrate Mother’s Day

This one is another easy item that will be checked off in no time. There’s no way I would miss honouring my Mom, and my family has made plans to do so a little early this year. In fact, this Sunday the gals (my aunt, cousins and grandma included) are headed to the Ancaster Old Mill for an early Mother’s Day Brunch. Mimosas, here I come!

Do we sense a theme here? All of my May bucket list items seem to involve food and drinks…

5. Hike the Red Hill Valley Trail

Straying away from a food-related activity, I also hope to hike the Red Hill Valley Trail this month. We moved to Hamilton at the beginning of the year and I’ve been waiting for the weather to cheer up so I can explore our new city’s trails.

6. Go kayaking

Keeping with a physical activity theme, I can’t wait to get out on the water again. We’ve had our kayaks for three or four years now, and the first paddle each year is my favourite.

7. Plant an epic vegetable garden

Dev and I have attempted to grow our own vegetables for the past couple of years (in small gardens, and at separate houses, while we lived with our parents). I am so excited to have our own backyard this summer to grow squash, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchinis.

8. Purchase a rain barrel

This may seem like an odd item, but I’ve actually added a reminder in my phone to go purchase a rain barrel on May 12. A family friend told us that the City of Hamilton hosts a One Day Rain Barrel Truckload Sale, selling them for $45, including all necessary accessories for installation. Now that we have our yard to maintain, the idea of recycling water is quite appealing.

9. Visit a new café

Each weekend I say to myself “I’m going to pack up my laptop and take it to a cute café to work while I sip on fancy coffee.” It’s never happened…

I know Hamilton is filled with Insta-worthy cafés and pretty brunch spots, so I’m making it my mission to visit at least one during the month of May.

10. See Deadpool 2

When I saw the original Deadpool, I had no idea what the movie was going to be about. I went into it with zero expectations, and came out absolutely loving it!! I hope Deadpool 2 will be just as good. It’s hitting theatres on on May 18.

What are some activities or bucket list items you hope to check off in May?


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