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June Bullet Journal Setup

May 25, 2018

Today I’m showing you how I’ve setup my bullet journal for June.

Cover Page

This time around I felt inspired to draw a hot air balloon on my cover page. I’m not really sure why, to be honest…

I didn’t want to do flowers, because I’ve already done those before, and they’re basically my go-to when it comes to doodles. I wanted to try something different.

June Bullet Journal Cover Page With Hot Air Balloon

At first I thought of doing just normal balloons, but felt they would be kind of boring and irrelevant. Maybe I’ll save those for my birthday month…July!! I suppose riding in a hot air balloon could be considered a summer activity, and that’s why I went for it.

I somewhat regret not filling it in with more colours, but I have this desire to keep my bullet journal simple. You’ll see I chose not to continue drawing hot air balloons throughout the rest of my spreads and instead used a cloud theme. As much as I enjoy the process of creating an interesting cover page, it’s just not realistic to spend as much time on fancy doodles for the rest of my spreads. They probably should have been coloured blue, but you may remember I used blue for last month’s space theme. I like to ensure the months are differentiated from one another and the easiest way to do so (aside from a cover page) is using one dedicated accent colour. Sure, I could have gone with something more summer-y and vibrant, but I actually like to monochromatic look.

Calendar Spread

I used the same set up as last month, but drew ‘J-U-N-E’ in this funky cloud font. As much as I love the look of calligraphy when someone else does it, I just can’t seem to get it right. No matter how much I practice, I absolutely hate the way my letters look when I attempt calligraphy.

June Bullet Journal Calendar Spread (Cloud Theme)

Blog Schedule + Brain Dump Pages

This spread didn’t change either. Both have been working fine for me. If anything, I wrote the ‘B-R-A-I-N D-U-M-P’ as if they were drops of rain falling from a cloud.

June Bullet Journal Blog Schedule + Brain Dump Spread (Cloud Theme)

Ps. I try to post new content on Tuesdays, Fridays and now Sundays, with the addition of my new ‘Pins Of The Week’ series.

Weekly Spread

I decided I didn’t need the space that vertical columns give me for daily tasks. Therefore, I switched up my weekly spread so each day is divided horizontally. The number of each day is surrounded by a cloud and I love how it helps them stand out. I also added a section on the bottom right page for notes, where I can document upcoming events or things I need to remember. Although I do like the hot air balloon, this is my favourite spread!

June Bullet Journal Weekly Spread (Cloud Theme)

Sidenote: you may notice my lines are wonky. This is because I never use a ruler! I don’t have the time, or the patience for straight lines.


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