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May 2018 Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites

May 29, 2018

After my massive ULTA Haul, May was a good month for discovering new beauty favourites! For a while I felt as though I was falling out of love with makeup (shocker, right?!). Working from home three days a week means I don’t get to ‘put on my face’ as often as I used to. But the addition of some new lippies and an awesome concealer this month seem to have ignited a desire to play with makeup again.

Which makes me wonder…

Is makeup like clothing? Do we get bored of wearing the same thing over and over again?

Let me know what you think and continue reading if you’re curious to learn about the products I fell in love with this month.


Maybelline SuperStay Matte Ink Liquid Lipstick

Practically every blogger, Instagrammer and YouTuber obsessed over these when they first hit the market. Having just purchased a house at the time, I thought I better not cave into the influencer hype. Because if THAT many people said it was good, I know I’d like it too. Which would spawn a need for them ALL, and I know my credit card would suffer for it.

Well, I eventually caved and it’s true. I WANT THEM ALL!

My poor credit card…

The pigmentation is exactly what I hope for with a liquid lipstick. They’re super opaque with just one swipe and do not budge! I can wear these for hours without any touch ups! They’re also pretty comfortable to wear, considering they’re a matte formula. They can feel a little dry at times, but I personally just ensure my lips are properly prepped and moisturized before wearing them.

I also love the sharp tip of the applicator! It makes creating a straight line really easy, so these can be worn without a lip liner. Although I have noticed the darker colour feathers a little.

Finally, I love that they smell like cake! Any product that smells good enough to eat, AND works well, is a hit in my books. Even if they’re not edible, they make the application process much more enjoyable and fun.

Makeup Revolution Conceal & Define Full Coverage Conceal & Contour

This concealer is pretty high coverage! But it doesn’t look cake-y. It’s thin enough that it blends easily with a sponge, brush, or fingertips, and it works just as well under the eyes as it does over blemishes.

I also love the large applicator! It seems to scoop more product at once. But it also feels soft on the skin. And I can I get a round of applause for the package?! Oh yes! That rose gold does something for me.

e.l.f. Stipple Brush

This brush is great for bronzer! It packs on a good amount of pigment and blends powders into the skin beautifully. It’s slightly flat (which I’m thinking is a result of being squished in the packaging) and perfect for contouring. You’ve probably seen someone pressing the hairs of a brush together with their fingers to make it less round while they apply their bronzer under their cheekbones, around their nose, or along the bottom of their lips. This one is already shaped that way so it’s really easy to chisel around various areas of the face.

frank body Original Coffee Scrub

I talked all about how this coffee scrub is helping me get a smooth tushy for the summer in my dedicated review post (see here). But after continued use, I’ve decided it’s also great for smoothing and eliminating the tiny bumps I get on the backs of my arms.


TAZO Zen Tea

I have really enjoyed drinking this green tea with lemongrass and spearmint late in the afternoon or in the evening. It’s especially great for sipping on (instead of a glass of wine) when I’m watching Netflix and winding down for the night. It has a very subtle flavour (I recommend leaving the tea bag in if you’re going to try it for yourself) and truly makes me feel more zen!

I should also note that it is not caffeine-free, so if you struggle to fall asleep at night this may not be the tea for you.

What were some of your favourites from the month of May? Leave me a comment below!


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