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L’Oreal Pure Sugar Scrub – It Smells Like Tootsie Rolls!

June 8, 2018

You guys know I’m a huge fan of the L’Oreal Pure Clay Masks. Now I’m also a huge fan of the L’Oreal Pure Sugar Scrubs! At least the Nourish and Soften Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub one…

I’ll admit, I wasn’t quite sure what they were at first. The packaging is the exact same as the original masks – a square glass jar – however, the plastic lid is a tan/copper colour, rather than green. Which led me to believe that they were clay masks with a sugar component for exfoliation. Well…I was half right.

After getting up close and personal with one of these bad boys, I was able to read the instructions, ingredients and benefits a little better. Yes, they are made up of sugar. And YES, if you’re wondering, they smell delightful! The Nourish and Soften Coconut Oil Sugar Scrub has cocoa in it and smells exactly like a Tootsie Roll, which is a large part of the experience and a major reason why I love it so much. But the sugars are encapsulated by some kind of oil – in this case, coconut oil – so it’s best used purely as a scrub, not as a mask. Although I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to let the nourishing ingredients sit on the skin for 5-10 minutes. It may just be messy.

The product is packed pretty tightly into the jar, and requires a serious dig to get a good amount out. It looks like something you would bake with. A wet brown sugar, whipped with butter. You probably could bake with it. But then again, maybe not…

I like to apply the scrub on dry skin and let the heat from my fingertips help it melt. I’ve noticed it doesn’t rinse away completely and leaves behind a layer of oil. We learnt in science class that oil and water do not mix…this is a similar reaction. A few splashes from the sink will remove the remaining sugar granules, but leave behind a layer of moisture. It’s great if you have dry skin!! But the greasiness doesn’t seem to linger for too long either. If that’s something you worry about, or if you have oily skin, then this scrub may be best used at night.

Aside from its wondrously intoxicating scent, this product works really nicely. It’s gentle but buffs away dirt and impurities, and leaves the skin feeling nourished and smooth. I also really like using it on my lips. It’s great for removing any leftover liquid lipstick. The oils help break down the product, while the sugars buff away the remaining colour. It’s not too abrasive and leaves my lips feeling plumped and soft.

There are two other Pure Sugar Scrubs in the L’Oreal range. One with real kiwi seeds to purify and unclog pores, and one Acai and Grapeseed oil for smooth and glow-y skin. They all retail for $13.97 (CAD) and can be found at Walmart or Shoppers Drug Mart.


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