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The Beauty Podcast I’m Loving Right Now

June 12, 2018

Lately I find I’m getting bored of music fairly quickly, so instead I’ve begun listening to Podcasts during my commute! It’s about a 45-minute, one-way train trip to my Toronto office. Which is the perfect amount of time to listen an episode. My favourite at the moment is the Breaking Beauty Podcast with hosts Jill Dunn and Carlene Higgins.

The two are magazine editors, and have been interviewing beauty experts for more than a decade. Jill was once the editor at ELLE Canada and Glow magazines, before becoming a regular beauty expert on The Marilyn Denis Show, and Carlene has experience working at Flare magazine.

The Podcast focuses on everything beauty, which includes discussion on trends, best-selling products and the history of different brands. Each episode features a guest from the industry – brand founders, YouTubers and beauty experts – with experience in a variety of realms, including skincare, makeup, hair, etc.

I’m still listening my way through the episodes, but so far I’ve really enjoyed the interview with Taylor and Ally Frankel, sibling Founders of Nudestix. As well as the one with Emily Weiss, the genius behind Glossier. If I’m honest, it has spawned a slight obsession with Emily Weiss. In a totally not creepy way…

Some may remember Emily from her brief appearance on The Hills. Her resume since then is impressive! She interned at Vogue before starting her own blog, Into The Gloss back in 2010. Today she’s the brainchild behind the popular beauty brand, Glossier. I’m inspired by her knowledge (she’s incredibly smart), drive and passion. I also love what her brand stands for. She has truly observed and taken into consideration the wants and needs of consumers.

I’ve really enjoyed listening to the Breaking Beauty Podcast and learning about the history behind some of my favourite beauty brands. In addition, it has provided me the opportunity to get to know other brands I’m unfamiliar with. My list of ‘must try’ items is growing exponentially because of this show! Whether this is a good thing or a bad thing, I’m not quite sure…

Jill and Carlene also have soothing voices, which is key when it comes to an audio show.  Their interview skills are impressive, asking each of their guests really great questions for juicy information. Plus, each episode shares useful advise or an important message of some sorts. I often feel inspired after listening.

So, if you’re a beauty junkie like me, and have some time to kill – or maybe you’re just looking for some background noise – I highly suggest tuning into the Beauty Beauty Podcast.


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