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July Bullet Journal Setup

June 26, 2018

The next four weekends are filling up quickly with social events and festivities!! July is going to be a busy month, and my brain can only contain so much planning at once. It’s imperative that I write things down. See how I’m planning out the month using my Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal.

Cover Page

I found a watermelon themed cover page by Elis Indigne on Instagram and fell in love! So much so that I decided to copy it entirely and use a watermelon theme throughout my July bullet journal spreads. I just love how the warm pink and green colours compliment each other. It’s definitely a welcomed change from the grey theme I used last month (see here).

July Bullet Journal Cover Page - Watermelon Theme

Calendar Spread

The monthly calendar is my most used spread. It’s the easiest place to see everything I have planned and gauge how much time I have in between. It ensures I stay on track so I don’t miss or double book an event.

July Bullet Journal Calendar Spread - Watermelon Theme

I decided to write J-U-L-Y as if they were pieces of watermelon, and even put little indents as if someone had just taken a bite out of each slice. I’m no artiste (pronounced with my best French accent) but I think this colourful feature turned our pretty cute and helps brighten the corner of this spread.

July Bullet Journal - Watermelon Theme

Blog Schedule + Brain Dump Pages

This is my favourite spread of the entire month! I decided to make a border along the top and bottom featuring different shapes and sizes of watermelon slices. It looks like washi tape and I just love how the colours pop on the page.

July Bullet Journal Blog Schedule + Brain Dump Spread - Watermelon Theme

Weekly Spread

This is my least favourite spread of the entire month…

For some reason the slices of watermelon look more like slices of pizza to me. But I changed the way I’ve been setting up my weekly spreads from horizontal sections to more vertical boxes. There are eight total. One for each day of the week and one for any additional notes or reminders. We’ll see if there’s enough space to write down my daily to-do lists…

July Bullet Journal Weekly Spread - Watermelon Theme

Ps. If you look closely, I forgot to cross one of my T’s. OOPS. Can you spot it? 


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