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A Review Of The Almay Goddess Glosses

October 16, 2018

It’s not everyone’s cuppa tea, and it may not be for everyday wear, but I love a good glittery gloss! It especially has to feel smooth, not gritty. And if it packs a good pigment punch, I’m all for it!

The Almay Goddess Gloss spectrum of prismatic lip glosses definitely don’t disappoint. The formula is thick and slick, but not sticky, and smells like cupcakes! I’ve been wearing them for a few weeks now and I thought I would share my thoughts. Spoiler: I like them!

Almay Goddess Gloss ReviewLeft to right: Cosmic,  Angelic and Flame

I often avoid applying glosses over lipstick, especially if they contain a lot of oils, because it can cause the colour underneath to break up and separate on the lips. But these wear beautifully! In fact, I almost suggest wearing them over a bold lip for bigger impact.

It’s not a full opaque formula, but it’s not super sheer either. I can appreciate that they’re not too rich in pigment because that can feel a little too “in your face” and theatrical or costume looking. But at the same time, I don’t feel disappointed that there’s zero pigment.

Almay Goddess Gloss SwatchesLeft to right: Angelic, Flame and Cosmic

I have the shades Cosmic, Flame and Angelic. So far, Cosmic is my favourite! It has a nude-y mauve base with golden shimmer and is super pretty alone, but looks really amazing over a dark vampy lip.  Flame is a pretty berry colour with flecks of blue and red. It’s a little too patchy for my liking on its own, but looks pretty layered over a similar lipstick. And finally, Angelic is a pale pink with silver reflects that I think looks great with a (spray) tan.

Almay Goddess Gloss Review

The packaging of these feel and looks nice. It kind of reminds me of the ColourPop Glosses and Liquid Lipsticks. They’re almost exactly the same size and shape. The tube is slim and sleek and the cap is a beautiful (almost holographic) silver. But don’t be fooled by the tops. While these glosses are definitely very reflective in different lighting – as would be expected with the claim of being “prismatic” – they’re no where near being holo. They’re more of a glitter or shimmer topper. I should note, however, that they make your lips look juicy and bigger than they really are – especially when worn alone.

Overall, they’re fun! I personally like to experiment with makeup and I’m not afraid to wear colours or trends that may be out of the norm. I’ve really enjoyed wearing these the past few weeks and testing them in a variety of different ways and over a variety of different colours.

The Almay Goddess Glosses are available in 8 transcendent shades and can be found at Walmart.


Disclaimer: the products mentioned in this post were sent to me as PR samples, however all thoughts and opinions are my own and are 100% honest.

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