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My Week In An “Egg”shell

February 3, 2019

The beginning of this week was honestly very boring. We’ve been dealing with some seriously cold temperatures, which have put me in true hibernation mode. I was worried I wouldn’t have much to share for my weekly recap, but the end of the week turned out to be a little more exciting.

Cold Temperatures Screenshot

If you’re curious to know what I got up to, continue reading!


We got hammered with snow on Monday evening. So at 11:15PM when I was laying on the couch in my pyjamas, contemplating whether or not I could make it into the office the next day, Dev and I decided to go for a walk. But not just any walk! We whipped out the snowshoes my parents got us a couple of Christmases ago, threw on some snow pants, bundled up and took the dog for a trek. We loved it. She loved it. It was a wonderfully spontaneous family activity.

Date Night + Pajamas

Friday night we went to The Mule for our first time. It’s a trendy spot in downtown Hamilton and they make wicked tacos! I had the lamb mole, fish and brussel sprout tacos. They were three different flavour combinations…not all tossed into one. If you ask me, the lamb was the best. But if you ask Dev, the brussel sprouts one was his favourite.

We also shared the calamari to start. It was pretty good! I have high expectations when it comes to calamari but I would say this version was unique, flavourful and cooked well enough to impress me. I’d recommend it!

The Mule - Hamilton, ON - Calamari

Now, I have no shame admitting that we got home around 8PM and I threw my pyjamas on as soon as we walked in the door. When the weather is as cold as it has been, this seems to be the only way to survive.

If you have not experienced the softness of La Vie En Rose Flannel Luxury PJs, you’re missing out! I have four sets. Three plaid and now a pair with bunnies on them. I like to call them my “boy jammies”, because of the button down shirt and oversized fit. But I swear to you…they are the coziest things EVER! If I could live in them, I would!

La Vie En Rose Pyjamas

DIY Wall Prints

I initially had the idea to DIY a Pinterest image I’ve had saved for a couple of years now. It’s two prints that hang side by side and say “You Keep Me Safe, I’ll Keep You Wild”. But in the end, Dev and I decided to make them a little more personal by using lyrics from one of our favourite songs. I absolutely love how they turned out. Plus they were simple and inexpensive. I bought the frames from IKEA, grabbed two white bristol boards from Dollarama and used a Sharpie to hand-write the wording.

DIY Wall Prints

Super Bowl Sunday

We will soon be heading to our friends house for Super Bowl Sunday! I’m mostly interested in the food. But this year I purchased squares, which makes the football game slightly more interesting Wish me luck and cross your fingers that I win some dough-los.

Posts You May Have Missed

As per usual, I wanted to remind you about the posts that went up this past week, in case you missed them.

First was my January 2019 Beauty & Lifestyle Favourites. There’s some good new discoveries mentioned! Click here to check it out.

Second was a pretty vulnerable post for me. It’s much more serious than the content you typically see on Beauty by Birdy. If you missed it, click here.

To those that have read it already, I want to clear the air a bit…

No, Devon and I are not breaking up.

That post was simply proof that I have bad days.

Don’t we all?

I’m not perfect, despite what my images may sometimes project. Which is the message I truly wanted to share. I feel it is so important to avoid comparing your life to others online. Especially when you’re only seeing the good. Content creators very rarely share the bad, but that doesn’t mean the bad doesn’t happen. I think it’s OK to enjoy the pretty images posted for your enjoyment, just remember that you are your own person. You don’t need to be anyone else but you.


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