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On The Hunt: Natural Deodorant feat. Green Beaver

September 26, 2019

After the last natural deodorant I tried failed me miserable (if you missed that post, click here), I was wary to try any others. Can you blame me? It burnt the shit out of my armpits! I truly never wanted to use a natural deodorant again.

But in the words of our Canadian homeboy, Justin Bieber…“Never Say Never!” 

I promised I would do a series as I searched for a natural deodorant that worked for me, which is why I decided to pick up a stick of the Green Beaver Natural Citrus Deodorant when I spotted it at Winners.

Green Beaver Citrus Natural Deodorant Stick Review

The Deodorant

As the name suggests, Green Beaver is an all-natural, Canadian brand based in Hawkesbury, Ontario! It was founded in 2002 by husband-and-wife team Karen Clark and Alain Ménard, who believe “that each of us has the opportunity to create a positive impact in the world”. At Green Beaver, this means creating products that do not harm animals..or the earth…or ourselves. They use organic ingredients that are locally grown whenever available, which in turn helps reduce transport energy and waste, while supporting Canadian farmers.

The Green Beaver Natural Citrus Deodorant is the brand’s best-selling aluminum-free deodorant.


It took a good few weeks before it started to work for me. At first I straight up STUNK! Especially after a tough spin class. But now I think my body has adapted to the new formula, and I smell a little less putrid. At least…no one has made any comments so I assume that is a good thing???

It definitely doesn’t stop me from sweating though. On a hot day, my armpits seem to flood like Niagara Falls. I have to apply multiple coats throughout the day.

HOWEVER! It has not caused any irritation whatsoever! (And the birds chime hall-e-lu-jah!) My biggest natural deodorant fears have been conquered. The Green Beaver Natural Citrus Deodorant DOES NOT burn the shit out of my underarms.

I’m still in shock that I found a natural deodorant that works for me on just my second try. But I believe it comes down to a couple key reasons:

  1. It does not contain baking soda
  2. The formula is so slick and smooth


Green Beaver Natural Deodorant Review


First let’s talk about how it glides so easily onto my skin. The previous natural deodorant I tried was so rough in texture. It had to be held against my armpit for a minimum of 30 seconds for it to warm it up enough to smooth onto my skin without tugging it in all directions. I didn’t have the patience for it, and truthfully…it always seemed to be a painful experience.

The Green Beaver Natural Citrus Deodorant is totally different. It glides on like a dream with a super smooth and soft texture. There’s a slight oiliness. I say slight because it still holds onto it’s solid shape and doesn’t leave behind any greasy residue. At the same time, I can feel it transferring to my armpits (it goes on clear might I add) but it doesn’t feel wet. It also dries almost instantly.

Green Beaver Natural Deodorant Has A Smooth Texture


The smooth and oil-like texture comes from sage oil (which also helps deodorize) and soothing Labrador tea. It also contains aloe vera, bergamot oil and tea tree oil. All ingredients are of 100% natural origin and 29% are from organic farming.

It’s free of alcohol (which can often cause skin to dry out), aluminum (that pesky ingredient that is so often associated with breast cancer), gluten, parabens, GMO and synthetic fragrance.


It has the most delightful zesty scent that perks up my mood instantly and makes me feel more awake. I LOVEEEEEE it!

I do want to find a natural deodorant that stops me from sweating as much – if that’s even a possibility – so my hunt continues. But for now, I’d say we are on a path to natural deodorant greatness!



  • Danielle

    September 28, 2019 at 5:45 PM

    I started using Green Beaver’s Verve antiperspirant and it’s my go-to now! It does a really good job keeping me fresh and pretty dry, highly recommend!

    1. Beauty by Birdy

      September 30, 2019 at 1:53 PM

      Maybe I should try that one next and see if it stops me from sweating more than this one did!

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