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More Clean Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now feat. Antonym Cosmetics

October 15, 2019

Clean beauty seems to be all the rage at the moment, and I can’t deny loving the trend too! I posted about a few clean beauty products I love a little while back (if you missed it, click here). Shortly after that post, the co-founder of Kalosophie, a full-service branding, marketing, sales management and PR firm, reached out to me with the opportunity to try Antonym Cosmetics.

Antonym Cosmetics is certified organic, vegan, cruelty-free, truly clean, and uses sustainable packaging. These are all elements I’m really learning to appreciate in a brand these days and I was happy to accept the gifted items.

Organic Baked Blush in Peach

I posted an IGTV featuring the Antonym Cosmetics products a few weeks ago (see here), and mentioned that I felt the Organic Baked Blush was sheer. I’d have to apply coat, after coat, after layer, after layer to build up the colour intensity, and by the time I was done, a coating of powder was pretty evident on my cheeks.

But I think I was just using the wrong brush. Either that, or there was a stiff coating on the top that needed to be broken down a bit in order to reach the pigment. Nowadays, I use a stiff brush that picks up more product at once and deposits it right onto the skin much more intensely. It’s absolutely beautiful and I wear it pretty much every day.

Antonym Organic Baked Blush in Peach

The other available shades of Organic Baked Blush include Copper (a warm bronze), and Blush Rose (a neutral pink). They also carry Organic Baked Highlighting Blushes in the shades Endless Summer, Blush Lily and Cheek Crush, but it will cost you $9 more for the formula.

Antonym Organic Baked Blush in Peach Review

Quattro Eyeshadow in To The Moon and Black

Originally, when I thought the blush was sheer, I was quite surprised to see the eyeshadows swatched with pretty intense colour. It’s a myth I often associate with clean or organic beauty products – they must lack in colour payoff because they’re so natural. But now after using the blush continually since that video, I realize I shouldn’t have assumed anything. Antonym Cosmetics is not playing around. Yes, they’re organic and clean…but they’re pumping out products that are comparable to many top-rated (and chemically-filled) makeup products on the market.

Antonym Cosmetics Quattro Eyeshadow In To The Moon And Black

The eyeshadow palette isn’t necessarily one I would reach for each day. It contains a lot of dark, cool-toned colours, including a deep blue, a taupe-y grey and a black, which are all balanced with a frosty white. They’re all kind of shimmery, which makes it hard to blend and build colour in the crease. But the shadows are creamy, pigmented and apply beautifully to the eyes. Plus it’s always fun to step out of the norm and try something different. I really enjoyed the smokey grey look I created using the palette.

Antonym Cosmetics Quattro Eyeshadow In To The Moon And Black Swatches

There are two other mineral eyeshadow palettes in the Quattro collection. One named Noisette, which looks right up my alley with a golden shade complimented with rich chocolate-y browns; and one named Croisette, with a soft pinky-peach and a deep coppery hue.

Natural Eye Pencil in Steel

It can’t always be sunshine and rainbows, and unfortunately we’ve reached the negative part of this review. I was not a fan of this eye liner at all. It was much too stiff for my liking and tugged at my eyelid when I tried to apply it along the upper lash line. And when I used it along my waterline or bottom lash line, it smudged and ran like crazy.

Antonym Cosmetics Steel Eye Pencil

I do like that it comes with a pencil sharpener. That is definitely very handy! I just wish the formula was a little more buttery and long-lasting.

Antonym Cosmetics Steel Eye Pencil Swatch

The Natural Eye Pencil is also available in Brown and Noir.

Kalosophie is the exclusive Canadian distributor of Antonym Cosmetics and has graciously provided a discount for all Beauty by Birdy readers to receive 15% off. Use the code BeautyByBirdy when checking out, or click this link:, which will take you directly to the collection and automatically apply the discount.

Be sure to keep me in the loop if you do decide to purchase any of these products and let me know how they work for you!


Disclaimer: the products mentioned in this post were gifted to me, however all thoughts and
opinions are 100% my own and honest.

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