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On The Hunt: Natural Deodorant feat. No Pong

January 23, 2020

I first tried this natural deodorant during a work event when I was dying from armpit burn caused by excessive sweating. I was so hot, and my underarms were soooooo wet, that a rash had started to form. It was torture. A colleague came to my rescue when she pulled a tin of No Pong deodorant from her purse. It was small and discreet, and easy for me to sneak into the bathroom to rub some onto my skin.

No Pong Natural Deodorant Review

It literally saved my life. Instantly my armpits felt dry and the burning sensation disappeared. It also felt less gross to share because the product doesn’t go directly onto a user’s skin like a stick deodorant does. This one is a putty texture that must be applied using your fingertips.

No Pong Low Fragrance Natural Deodorant Review

I was so impressed, I decided to order one the next week. My first impression was made even better when I learned that A. They’re made in Canada and B. They offer free shipping. The product itself derived in Australia (“Pong” is an Australian/British slang word for a very strong, unpleasant smell).

I went for the baking soda free formula, because of my poor history with one particular natural deodorant. If you missed the first post in this series, click here to see which one burnt the shit out of my underarms. It’s also low-fragrance, although it does have a pretty strong scent if you ask me. It makes me wonder what the original smells like. This one has a mixture of citrus and sandalwood and I’m honestly not mad at it. It’s very fresh and “happy”.

No Pong Low Fragrance Texture

It’s designed with coconut and beeswax, which is meant to help it stick to the skin and last all day, and means it does not leave any white marks on clothing. A small amount goes a long way. I use the tiniest pea-size glob and spread it into a very thin layer on my skin. I feel like I’m using it quite sparingly though. No Pong suggests one tin should last someone about a month, and I’ve definitely been using mine for longer. In my opinion, $10 for a deodorant that will only last one month is kind of pricey. A small stick of Dove or Secret used to last me at least 2-3 months. The Original B.O. Buster is a little cheaper at $8.95 with free shipping, but still more than the $5 I used to spend on non-natural deodorants.

No Pong Natural Deodorant Texture

When comparing it to the other two natural deodorants I’ve tried up until this point, however, this one is the best. I wasn’t the biggest fan of having to apply it with my fingers, especially when I had long nails. They would get extremely gunky. But now I don’t really mind.

It keeps me fairly dry and definitely keeps the wretched stench at bay. Now it’s important to note that it is NOT an antiperspirant, so sweating is obviously inevitable. But it definitely does stop me from feeling as wet as I normally do. Perhaps this is a result of my underarms having “purged” all the bad stuff, and now my pores can breathe a little better.

The tin is cool because it’s recyclable. But sometimes I find it tough to open. Especially when my hands are greased up with a moisturizer. Aside from this – and the fact that I wish there was more product for the price – I’m head over heels for this natural deodorant!

I’d be curious to try the original (fragranced) version to see if I have a similar reaction to the baking soda. I also have yet to try this product out during the summer, when I sweat the most, but it has survived some pretty intense workouts so I imagine positive results when the weather is warm.


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