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The Natural Deodorant Review I Didn’t Want To Write

April 28, 2021

I’ve been putting off this review for far too long and at first, I couldn’t figure out why. I’m a natural procrastinator, so in the beginning, it wasn’t a shock. But as time went on and months passed by, I continued to make up excuses as to why I couldn’t write about my experience using the NATIVE Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant.

I’ve finally come to realize that it’s simply because I DO NOT like the product. Typically, when I enjoy using something, I’m very eager to tell you all about it. Unfortunately, this wasn’t the case for the Internet sensation, NATIVE Deodorant.


And for some reason, I feel guilty because so many of you have asked me to put it to the test. In some weird way, I feel as though I’m letting you down. It’s been raved about by SO MANY “influencers” and users. It really does have great reviews. The brand’s marketing is spectacular. I’ll admit I fell in love with the little message sent in the box and the sweet little heart imprinted on top of the deodorant. It’s made with natural ingredients, paraben-free, aluminum-free, cruelty-free…you know, all the good things. I wanted to like it, and I hate speaking negatively, but you deserve the truth. It just wasn’t a hit in my books and I would not pay the $12 USD to repurchase.

NATIVE Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant Review

Now that’s not to say it can’t be someone else’s holy grail. We’re all different, with different needs, and we’re entitled to our own opinion. I’m just sharing my experience and thoughts with anyone interested.

I ordered mine back in May of 2020 and used it all summer until it was nearly gone (hence why you’re seeing photos of it by the pool). I have a small amount remaining (which I refuse to show you because it looks naaaaasty) but have found something else that I prefer tremendously. Therefore, this poor guy has been buried in the back of my bathroom drawer and left untouched for months.

But trust me, I put it to the test!

The number one reason why I’m not a fan is that it’s not smooth upon application. The texture is quite rough and not very enjoyable to use. I will say, however, that even though it does contain Sodium Bicarbonate, it didn’t irritate my underarms quite like the Schmidts one did. I just wish it glided on a little better.

Coconut & Vanilla Natural Deodorant

Secondly, I can’t stand the scent. But I’m very picky when it comes to anything coconut. Some coconut fragrances make me gag…and you guessed it…this is one of them. It does have a sweet vanilla scent added to the mix, but it’s not enough to tickle my senses. Plus it’s not super effective, so like covering a bad smell with a good one, every once in a while I’d get a whiff of B.O. mixed with coconut and it was just…RALPH.

Now I know what you’re thinking…maybe I should try a different fragrance. But to be honest, I didn’t find the NATIVE Coconut & Vanilla Deodorant unique or special enough to want to try more. In my opinion, it’s over-hyped. There are other options on the market that I’ve tried and would prefer to reach for.

Plus, I’m still on the hunt for THE BEST natural deodorant and having so much fun trying out all the options. With so many new releases lately, I definitely have my work cut out for me and some catching up to do. So stay tuned for more reviews!


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