• 2 Year Blog Anniversary Photos

    The Blogiversary Photos You Didn’t Get To See

    October 4, 2016

    I don’t often arrange big photo shoots for Beauty by Birdy…normally it’s just me behind the camera lens taking images of products. But a blog anniversary is a big deal in my eyes, and I’ve made it a tradition to celebrate with some fancy photos. This year I came up with the idea to pose…

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  • 2 Year Blog Anniversary

    Two Year Blogiversary | 15 More Random Facts About Me

    September 22, 2016

    It’s been two years since I launched Beauty by Birdy!!! It was on the first day of Fall in 2014 that I made the decision to try my hand at this whole blogging thing. Somehow it seems so long ago, yet I feel as though no time has passed. Initially I had no idea how…

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  • 1 Year Blog Anniversary

    One Year Blogiversary

    September 22, 2015

    Today marks one year since I launched Beauty by Birdy. Holy moly, where did time go?! I’ll be honest…I never imagined I would last this long. But blogging has become a hobby I have thoroughly enjoyed and continue to get excited about! Writing each post is somehow therapeutic and watching the numbers grow is slightly…

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