Gradient Valentine’s Day Nails

January 24, 2015

Things are going to start getting love-y, dove-y on Beauty by Birdy! It’s nearly Valentine’s Day and I have a bunch of fun posts in the works, starting with this gradient manicure.

If you want to see how I achieved this look, keep reading.

I started with a white base and applied small pieces of tape around the outside edges of each nail. This will catch excess polish that may transfer to your fingers. The white also helps make each colour a little more vibrant.

Next, I chose three different colours that I thought represented Valentine’s Day best – a red, pink and purple. Of course you can choose any colours you want. I think three shades of pink would be really cute as well.

I applied a fairly thick coat of each colour onto a makeup sponge, layering them one on top of the other. The gradient effect works best if you paint the colours from light to dark.

I dabbed the sponge onto my nails, one at a time, until the white became completely covered. I applied a fair amount of pressure to transfer the colour. A light-handed application created bubbles and left very tiny specks of white.

Before moving on to the next nail, I loaded up the sponge with additional polish in the same order and continued to do so for each application.

I really wanted to gear this manicure for Valentine’s Day, so I created this cute little heart on both of my middle fingers. Using a small piece of paper, I cut a heart shape, ensuring it would fit the space of my nail. I then placed the paper over my nail and held it firmly in place. Using the same sponge technique, I coloured in the heart and gently lifted the paper away.

I waited a few minutes for the nail polish to dry before removing the pieces of tape.

The end result is super girly, super cute and super loveable!


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