Neon Pink and White Leopard Print Nails

June 8, 2015

Summer has nearly arrived and I’ve done a complete 180! For the last six months I have been bundled up in dark colours and now I find myself gravitating to anything bright and bold, including this neon leopard print manicure. I’m completely obsessed and can’t get over how easy it was to accomplish.

I started with three nails painted a hot pink base. The other two received a couple coats of white nail polish. I waited a few minutes for both colours to dry before moving on to the next step. 

For each pink nail, I added white polka dots and did the same with pink nail polish on each white nail. 

Once again I waited (somewhat) patiently for these spots to dry. 

Using the end of a bobby pin dipped into some black nail polish, I created some ‘C’ and ‘U’ type shapes to roughly outline each spot, being careful not to make a complete connection around the shape. I also added some additional black shapes and lines in empty spaces to fill the gaps. My hand was nowhere near steady so things got pretty squiggly, but a leopard’s spots are always unique to each animal, so I thought it went well with the style of manicure I was trying to achieve. 

Again I waited (kind of) patiently before applying a clear top coat to seal the deal. 

I love how visually intriguing this nail art turned out. I think it is the perfect balance between girly and funky, with bright colours to compliment the sunny weather. I’m already brainstorming ways to modify the style and use the leopard technique to create more vibrant looks.


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