Top 5 Nail Colours for Summer

June 24, 2015

Finally…FINALLY…summer has officially arrived! June 21 marked the first official day of hot weather, bathing suits and beaches! To celebrate, I’m sharing some of my favourite nail colours to wear during this season.

From left to right: L’Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight, Quo Femme Fatale,
Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty, 
Zoya Charisma, OPI Pink-ing of You

L’Oreal Not a Cloud in Sight

In Canada, we’re really fortunate to have some great summer weather. If we’re lucky, the days are filled with cloudless blue skies, temperatures can reach sweltering and we’re surrounded by bodies of water (or pools) to swim in. In my opinion, there’s no need to travel to tropical destinations when ‘Porta Backyarda’ (as we call it in my house) is just as good. This turquoise/blue colour is the perfect addition to complete the tropical vibe for a stay-cation.

Quo by Orly Femme Fatale

Summer is the season of sunshine and eye-catching nail polish. Go bright. Go bold. Go neon! I love this pink colour because it’s out-there but not too crazy like a neon green or yellow may be.

Sally Hansen Yellow Kitty

The only time you’ll ever catch me wearing yellow on my nails is in the summer. It tends to be a difficult colour to wear, especially for me because I have a lot of yellow undertones to my skin. I’ve been told before that it looks like I just ate a hotdog and spilled mustard all over my fingers. Uhhhhh…no thank you, not the look I’m trying to achieve. This one from Sally Hansen is not too bright and pretty wearable. Plus it looks great with a tan!

Zoya Charisma

This nail polish is very unique and interesting. It’s not quite hot pink and it’s not really purple, but somewhere in between. The formula itself can dry pretty dark and matte without a top coat, but with a bit of shine added on top it’s really vibrant and beautiful.

OPI Pink-ing of You

While I would love to pull off bright and neon colours throughout the entire season, sometimes it’s important to tone it down and wear something a little more professional and feminine. This pale pink colour is my go-to neutral and it’s absolutely gorgeous on toes!

What are your favourite colours to wear during summer? Are you a neutral lover or do you prefer to go bold with something vibrant?


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