Mani Spotlight – Essie Chillato

August 7, 2015

OK, I have to be honest…the formula of this nail polish stinks!

Not in a plug your nose kind of way…don’t all nail polishes do that already? The way it applies is just straight up bad. It’s insanely thin! Like water. If I don’t use a base coat, the colour will slide right off of my nails. It takes three and sometimes even four coats to achieve full opacity.

But I wanted to chat a little about essie Chillato because this colour is totally worth the consistency headache. I’ve never seen anything like it! It was released as part of the Summer 2015 collection and as the name suggests, it is just like pistachio gelato. Mmmmmmm gelato….

It’s a really beautiful chartreuse – a mixture of pale lime green and yellow tones. The cheerful colour is unique and fresh – perfect for the sunny season. It’s vibrant and almost neon, yet understated at the same time. I think it would flatter any skin tone. So before summer comes to an end, I suggest you run out and grab a bottle of this one-of-a-kind beauty!


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