Textured Negative Space Manicure

August 18, 2015

I attempted the very popular negative space manicure! I’ll be honest…it wasn’t easy. For two reasons: 1. I have little to zero patience and this manicure definitely takes some time and a steady hand, and 2. I was trying to get ready for a wedding while I was waiting for these nails to dry completely before removing the strips of tape. Have you ever tried putting on a full face of makeup with wet nails? It’s a task…

Overall, I’m pleased with the way this manicure turned out. It’s sparkly, pink and feminine…three of my favourite words.

To begin, I placed small strips of striping tape diagonally from both sides of my unpainted nails until they met in a point to create a triangle shape. On my middle finger I chose to switch it up a bit and doubled the lines. I used tweezers for initial placement of the tape, and used my fingers to firmly seal each piece to my nails.

I wanted to do a twist on the typical negative space manicure by throwing in a bit of texture. Near the base of my nail I used OPI Make Him Mine, which is a liquid sand formula (I believe it was part of the limited edition Mariah Carey Holiday 2013 Collection). It dries to a matte finished with flecks of glitter and has a gritty feeling to the touch. On the rest of each nail I used OPI Pinking of You, which I felt really complimented the textured pink.

I wasn’t particularly careful when painting each section. The tape acted as a barrier. Once completely dry, I removed each piece to unveil crisp and clean lines. These lines acted as a window for my natural nails to peep through.

OK, OK…it wasn’t THAT hard…

With a little more practice, and a better tolerance for watching paint dry, I think this manicure could be a breeze. I’m going to test it out using different shapes, colours and textures to see if I can speed up the process. Of course, not having to get ready for an occasion at the same time will also help…

I hope you enjoyed this post and would love to see your take on the negative space manicure. Tag me in your pictures on Twitter (@BeautybyBirdy1) or share them on my Facebook page!


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