Sunflower Inspired ‘Dotticure’

September 16, 2016

During my visit to the Weir’s Lavender Farm back in August, I was somehow more captivated by the sunflowers, than the lavender plants. Don’t get me wrong, they’re both beautiful! But I’ve always been quite fascinated by the large yellow blooms that resemble the sun. How do they get so big?! I can’t help but smile at the sight of one – they’re just so bright and cheerful!

Sunflowers (at least to me) signify the end of summer and introduce our first glimpse of fall colours. Seeing as the season changes next week, it seemed like the perfect time for a manicure inspired by the unique flower.

I decided to add my own twist, however, and turned it into a ‘dotticure’. I used the smallest dotting tool I owned to stipple brown, orange and yellow spots that made up the shape of a sunflower. It may be a little more abstract than other manicures I’ve seen floating around the Internet. But I like being different and I like how it turned out.

I decided to add some polka dots to my other fingers, using the same colours to tie everything together. And finished it off with a matte top coat. I like how the matte finish dulled the colours ever so slightly and made it even more fall appropriate.


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